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And they just keep coming by

This is my train collection.  I hope you enjoy them as  I include more from time to time.


Below: Here’s a collage of some of my favorite train photos I took from my backyard in the last  year.

march 16th trains santa fe_AutoCollage_12_Images


below photo:  Hello Wenatchee!  Pulling up at night time.   This is on the Empire Route going east to Chicago.

kims amtak photo wenatchee


Below photo:  Here’s an Amtak train just pulling up in the Seattle train station on King street.  The dining car is expensive, but hits the spot if you board the train real hungry!

seattle trip 009


Don’t know what these brown cars carry , but when they come by there’s always a string of them.



Below photo:  BNSF 4343 at the water crossing

train 4343 close up


Here’s the 4947  graffiti train which is being hauled to the left by other locomotives.








5308 pulling the 5378.


Below photo:  the 5330 with railroad ties  off to the side soon  to be laid .

bnsf close up april 24 10


Train  # 993 passes through this week along with the rain clouds.

train 993


4085 front close upWindshield wipers on the BNSF 4085


train door 4085 door of the 4085 BNSF


good train photo 4085 steps on train

Locomotives are hitched together.  There were 4 on this load.



A sunny April day, the 7307 on the tracks.


The 661 Santa Fe that I have been waiting for 3 years to snap a photo of! It was around 6 am or so.

Santa F

santa fe re touched

santa fe lighter


trains together hitched (2)

The 661 Santa Fe and the 4349 BNSF hitched together.  This was March 2010 in my backyard.


Here’s the BNSF 748, red and gray.  Note the vents/windows? on far left.


BNSF 5067 (look at the sun hit the letters in 2nd photo)


Pacific 6819

train pacific 6819 close up

I saw another photo online of this train and I think it said “Union Pacific” on it at one time.  I’ve only seen this train once before come by.  Here are two photos of the train.

train pacific 6819

below photo:  probably the only one that isn’t taken from my backyard.  I took this pic downtown.

Train from downtown.  See the grafitti on it?

cloudy day train

summer trains 5467 and 7312June 09


Above photo: Amtrak at 5AM, was a little late.

See the yellow writing of the BNSF?  train # 4575

at dusk in the evening

trains came by today

I don't see these cars much

for cattle? don't know

train re sized may 9 09-1

train black white april 15 09

some go south, some go north

they come at night too

one of my favorites

I got up close for this photo!


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