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straw bale holes got filled


I filled up the straw bale holes, plus beyond the straw bales, there are plants in the ground till the end of the soaker hose.  15 ft or 25 ft soaker hose, can’t remember.   Here’s what I got in the straw bales: 2  zucchini plants.  You can hardly see them in the photo- there they are, by the stick.  Next on the tomato cage is an Armenian cuke plant (Hurray!  they are so hard to germinate for me),  next 2 tomato cages have tomatoes in them- Dr Wyche yellow tomatoes, or orange banana.  On the ground there’s another tomato, then a  winter squash plant.  The squash are green striped.  another tomato, then an eggplant plant that I started indoors and got real big.    The wooden trellis has pole beans  planted beneath, and somewhere in-between is anther  cuke plant.  here’s hoping it all goes grows well!