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germinating seeds

germination of tomato seeds  feb  2012

Here’s  a tray of tomato seeds; various kinds.  This is a 72 piece peat tray and what surprised me was the  miraculously short time span it took for them to germinate.  February  26th in the evening I put in the seeds and on the 4th day- March 1st, I saw 8 of these sprout up in the 2nd row (2nd row from the back).   After thinking about it, I think I found out why the “instant” germination.

 germination close up march 3 2012

 The reason why they came up so fast- I had the space heater on the bathroom counter and the place was well over 70 degrees.   It was very warm and ready for the seeds, and I watered the tray the night before to get  the little peat things well watered, but really, never before has any seedlings germinated that quick before in my experience.

It was the Tlacolula Mexican ribbed tomato that sprouted first. These two  photos  above were taken on the 6th day.

I take off the netting when I transplant these little seedlings so their roots can form better.