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More on the rosemary plant

rosemary cut 001

O got all of this rosemary in the jar from the plant that grew this summer.  Cut it all off a few days ago and now I see what a good deal the Wal-Mart 2.50 plants can be.   The jar is 21 oz. and I still have some on the plant in the green tub.   Rosemary has such a beautiful perfume like smell to it and goes great in beef dishes.

rosemary cut 002



I love my Rosemary plant. 

The terracotta  clay pot broke when a gust of wind came by, so I went to this green plastic container that was a little bigger.  The plant doubled in width and you can see I keep a flat top on it; pinching off the tallest parts for cooking.   I miracle grow it about once  a month too.

rosemary plant in green plastic aug 2012 002

Here it is (below) in the photo about 2 months ago after I replanted it in a terra cotta pot when I bought it at Wal-Mart.  good buy for only 2.50.

rosemary plant

I know  rosemary is good for beef and lamb, but I use it the most in hash browns in the fry pan.  I love my rosemary plant, but do these keep growing in the winter? I’ll have to read up on that… maybe clip off most of it to use dried.