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Hens by grill

hen by grill1

They go where the shade is.  I knew there was a purpose for the grill out back.




more hen grill pics 3

more hen grill pics 1


Labor Day weekend 2013

hens by water cooker sept1 2013

What a hot day today! Even the hens thought so.  Here’s their place in the shade for this time of day.  Below- roma tomatoes for winter spaghetti sauce.

sept 01 2013 roma tomates

The Pullets- now 5 months old

pullets by straw good one april 12 2013

Some of them have their combs and waddles and are ready to lay eggs; any day now!

pullets by tire rooster too  april 12 2013

I have one rooster in the flock- there he is hovering above the hens.  One of his toes are broken, so he hobbles around kind of funny.  Below:  This little hen hiding behind an old burn barrel puffed out as I took her photo.

pullet hiding april 12 2013