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Lost in the forest

forest 3

You don’t have to be lost in the forest. (quote from me)

Where do I go to understand the Bible? Here’s where I go to understand the Bible I get all kinds of topics to concentrate on and here a few main ones- Paul’s Manner of Life,  The goodness of God,  Why Paul’s books (Romans through Philemon)  are especially important to us today.

forest 2

I understand  why certain verses in Hebrews don’t fit Paul’s teachings.   The music section is amazing.  Go through the tutorial on understanding music at this site  and you’ll recognize information that you can put to use.  Acts chapter 2 or Ephesians chapter 4 for the church? Listen to Pastor Paulson to see which one is for the local church.

The notes along with the sermons go hand in hand.   Listen to the sermon while viewing the notes too and you will get so much more out of it.   I was “lost in the forest” so to speak for many years of being in Christ, until I rightly divided the Bible through listening to Pastor Paulson’s sermons; still was a believer in Jesus Christ, saved by putting my trust in his dying on the cross for me, but didn’t understand some rightly dividing issues.

forest 5You don’t have to be “lost in the forest” when it comes to understanding and appreciating the Word of God.


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