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Rye bread

Great rye bread

I finally made a great loaf of Rye bread! Finally! Yes, it looks small, and condensed.  It’s a heavy bread with 2 cups of rye flour.  Here’s where I found the recipe: http://veronicascornucopia.com/2013/08/07/bread-machine-rye-bread/

It’s the cocoa and strong brewed coffee that give it the dark appearance.  Really, this was a great recipe.  From what I know, it’s a  pumpernickel bread.   I used the bread machine (you can see the whole in the middle).   Wow, this bread is very good with just butter, for a sandwich, or with cream cheese.

Neat bread knife I have, isn’t it?  Got it a long time ago from a thrift shop.  The handle was red at one time.  That is Basil on the cutting board, from my garden.   This is very, very good bread.  You should have seen me looking for rye flour in town!  Couldn’t find any.  I go 30 minutes  away to the other Safeway and Walmart in search of rye flour-  no one had any!  I come back to town and got a 5 lb. bag of Hodgsmill Rye flour at the health store.



my perfume

Lisa perfume with gunmetal fram

I had a box put away… opened it up, and found out it was a few perfume things from a few years ago.  This little bottle (about 7 ml) was in the box, so I made my own perfume today.   It’s called “Steam”.  I used:

  • carnation 

  • Fig fragrance

  • Orange blood Key accord,

  • Patchouli (the dark patchouli sample I recently had)

  • Castoreum blend

  • just a little liquid lanolin

What it smells like:   kind of powdery, and the castoreum blend gives it depth.  The castoreum blend is 50% real and 50% synthetic castoreum.  I smell the orange and carnation.  The fig just blends in there, and the patchouli isn’t real pronounced, but it’s great.  

Have to be careful when I spray it, so I don’t get it on my clothes, since it is oils.   I can only spray it on my sweaty neck and arms and forehead.  I love this scent, and I made it!  It’s been very humid lately.   It doesn’t have loads of longevity, but I might have to put some more castoreum blend in it.

Oh by the way, people make little concoctions like this and put a big price tag on it!

Scent by the Sea perfume oils



https://www.etsy.com/shop/scentbythesea  (click on this, the blue font for the link doesn’t show up, but it’s a link).

This one, Sweet Hashish, is a tobacco and powder amber.  Very nice, if you like tobacco perfume as I do.  If you apply this with Kabuki, another one of their oils, then it is even better.  Kabuki has cherry, red musk (whatever that is), and star anise.  The Kabuki alone is an unfinished perfume, like the heart of a perfume without the top notes and the base.



Some more oils to review:

I only sent for two chocolate ones in my custom sample pack, although they do have a a chocolate lovers sample pack as well you can get.   I tried Arancia Nero, and Barbary Belle.


Arancia Nero-  This is the strongest smelling oil, and most long lasting sample of the bunch.  It’s chocolate, orange, and whipped creme!  And it is strong.  I kept picturing the cell of an old jail in an old  movie with big black steel bars, like this photo below of Rosalind Russell in the movie-  His Girl Friday (1940).   Really, you are a prisoner of this scent whether you like it or not.  I liked it!   Somehow, the Ocean by the Sea’s chocolate oil is the strongest one they have.  Wonder where they get their oils?


Barbary Belle-  Another chocolate one.  This one is different from Arancia Nero, because it has tobacco and roses in the chocolate.  If  you love tobacco oil like I do, you’d like this one.  The rose in there is ok, not exceptional.  Rose oil can really vary.  This one doesn’t last as long, but it’s still good.

Other ones I got in my sample packet-

Maggies Farm– It’s just  ok,  Nothing speical. I thought there’d be a little manure smell to mix with the leather and greenery, but there wasn’t.

Egyptian Honey– sickly sweet musk, little honey.  Bad compisition. They ought to discontinue this one.

Dark Patchouli good, but doesn’t last long.  I thought Patchouli was supposed to.  There again, this is a perfume scent that is unfinished.  Needs more notes in there.  Patchouli and lavender and orange is nice.  Wish they’d try that.

Jasmine– I love jasmine!  This one isn’t too lovable.  It’s light and flies away.  Maybe they need better quality jasmine, or less carrier oil.  

Dream- I like this lavender frankincense, pentagram in amber fusion.  Just needs to be stronger and longer lasting.  I can’t buy it if it’s weak.  Have you noticed?  I like strong scents.

Cinema Rouge– Not to bad. It’s a vanilla amber spice and black orchid, their description says.  Nice vanilla, but there could be more of it.

In conclusion- the only ones I tried to my liking were: Sweet Hashish, Aranica Nero and Bayberry Belle.  They  have a lot more concoctions on their site, wish I could have tried them all.   If I asked them to make me another sample pack with their strongest scents, I wonder what other ones I would get?

Perfume oils- Scents of the Sea


I went to Scent by the Sea Scents of the Sea Etsy site (click it, the blue link isn’t showing up, but it’s a link).  for some perfume oils.  It’s been a hot summer, and I needed something new.   These 10 little samples were just 14.00 or 16.00 sh included. Very reasonable isn’t it?  I’m enjoying them, and I lay them out in front of my computer, like they are pictured here in the window sill.  Some of the oils are strong enough for me, but some are just to weak, so I  use the weak ones  like body oils on my legs and arms.  I might buy one of the strong ones I like, but it’ll be after I use up the little  brown vial when i realize I miss it!

Another blogger can shed more light on her sample bag (blue link color isn’t shown up, but it is a link, so click on “an even better review on these oils”).   An even better review on these oils

I’ll write more tomorrow about the ones I like.

Lillian’s Cupboard



Have you ever been over to  Lillian’s’ Cupboard blog?   She’s always got something neat to show us!  The link I have is to her post on Scottie dog cookie cutters.  She’s a good cook too!

Kale from my garden

Safeway sells this kale too, and that’s where I first tried it.  Glad I grew it this year!

Lacinato Kale, also goes by these names:  (dinosaur kale), and Tuscan kale

Lacinato Kale, also goes by these names: (dinosaur kale), and Tuscan kale

deviled eggs

100_2388  My summertime deviled eggs have smoked paprika on top and basil leaf, some have a sage leaf.  I always dice up garlic in the mixture.  Do you?   in the $40 Walmart black and decker food processor- egg yolks, mayo,little squirt of mustard, little bit of lemon juice (not too much), garlic, salt, and I cut up some sage in little tiny pieces for the mixture.

heat wave



About the time of those fires a week ago, it got to 106 one day!  I think it broke a record.  Don’t remember it getting past 100 degrees over the years.  I open the gate so the hens can leave the courtyard, and camp out under the plum trees in the backyard. Have to make sure they have cold water all day.  Their feeder stays under the plum trees too (not shown).   

Graffiti trains came by yesterday



The trains had to stop ;sat week for a few days on account of the fires, but they are coming through now.  On the 13, Sunday, lot of smoke came over the hills from 2 hrs away when everything was burning.



I wonder who does all this Graffiti?  On this particular train, I couldn’t make out what it was.  Maybe it was a few layers of graffiti. 

maleficent movie



I was in the backseat of the car in Seattle  and ended up at the movie house.  When  you are with young adults; spontaneous things happen.   We watched  an analysis of high cheek bones at various angles  the Maleficent movie.   I really liked the sparkles in her lipstick and would like to get that brand, only in a more face-friendly shade. The movie  did actually concentrate on the high cheek bones of Maleficent in every scene.

This is my take on it- the whole movie was about revenge.  You don’t mess with Maleficent and hurt her feelings, and not come out burned.  She got her revenge.   I know it was fiction, but in real life, we have to leave vengeance to God.  


  2 Thessalonians 1:6

Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;


Romans 12:19

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather, give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.


Many hurts and ill treatment we have to leave with God.  She got her revenge by putting the curse on the baby of the King who did her wrong.  When she’s doing something intense, her eyes turn green.  Is that demon strength or something?

We just go on and live for God, and keep going to his Word (the king James version) every day.  We’ll get strengthened by that, and won’t get sucked up in all the worlds ways.

 Thank God for all the books in the bible that were written after Jesus rose from the dead.  Those are so special to us for our daily times of bible reading.   Thank God for all the other sections of God’s Word too, but Romans to Philemon are especially written to Christians.