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Hand Salve


 tube salve better label

Tubes are better for salve; cleaner and eliminates germs.  Like the salve in a tube?  I do.  The jar is what I used to put it in. 



save your watkins  vanilla bottles

You can make your own bath oil too!    I use all 4 of these, switch off from time to time.   Got to have essential oils and a good base.  I use unrefined coconut oil and olive oil (the base I use for my salve.)

For the Salve

I don’t have  these tins (photo below) anymore, instead I have 1.5 jars and I’ve gone cocoa butter crazy, loving the smell of it, as well as  Virgin Coconut oil.  Both are expensive but worth the investment for quality salve.  Count the times you put lotion or salve on your hands throughout the day.  It’s worth it.

The smell of herbs in olive oil in the stove….
The smell of high grade beeswax melting in the prepared olive oil….

I make hand salve in my kitchen, small batches at a time.

Here’s how I make it:

** with oven on "low" I steep herbs in Extra virgin Olive oil.
** After 2 hours I pour it all in the vita mix to liquefy the herbs in the oil.
** Bring out the cheese-cloth and hand strainer! With latex gloves on I strain the olive oil about 6 times.
**Now I mix the beeswax in the oil on the stove
**Pour it in the tins and then add the essential oils I use (cinnamon, or orange.. vetiver, wild cistus labdanum , grapefruit, or peppermint).

The cinnamon is addicting in the winter time! The orange and grapefruit are so refreshing and the wild cistus labdanum is good for lymph drainage, smells like a floral and mint.  Vetiver is strong and soothing like myrrh.  Lavender salve is strong and wonderful made by actual lavender buds steeped in the oil.

 healing salve with Comfrey (that's why it's green)
the salve I make

2 responses

  1. Denise Russell

    Thanks, Elizabeth! It really sooths cracked
    hands. I wash my hands so much working
    with children, that they crack and bleed.
    This is great to heal that.
    Love, Denise

    November 22, 2008 at 1:16 pm

  2. Anonymous

    Denise, thank you for singing at my wedding some 19 yrs ago and your wonderful mom for giving me a wedding shower. My goodness, those were two very special things in my life.

    January 5, 2009 at 8:14 pm

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