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Graffiti trains came by yesterday



The trains had to stop ;sat week for a few days on account of the fires, but they are coming through now.  On the 13, Sunday, lot of smoke came over the hills from 2 hrs away when everything was burning.



I wonder who does all this Graffiti?  On this particular train, I couldn’t make out what it was.  Maybe it was a few layers of graffiti. 


Wenatchee valley trolley

 Wenatchee trolly  dec 2011wenatchee trolly dec 2011

there’s a light bulb in there.

wenatchee trolly no 506

Below is the bell on top; see it?

wenatchee valley trolly 2011 bell on top

Trains stopped out back

(above) Some of these trains have a lot of graffiti.

Below- All these photos were on the same haul.  See  the sun shining on the mountain?

garden for august hens too 002

Green Train Sweeper?

green railroad track sweeper  jan 5 2012

I am not sure what it is; possibly a train track sweeper? Oh well, I took a photo of it anyway and will enjoy the mystery of it.

BNSF train 4481

jan 12th 4481 BnsF back view

jan 12th 4481 bnsf long view

jan 12th bnsf 4481 fan system

Just photos of this train.  No story; just these pics of train 4481

BNSF 7640 train

Back View:

bnsf 7640 jan 6 2012

Close up back view:

BSNF 7640 back close up jan 6 2012

the BNSF  logo

BNSF 7640 logo jan 6 2012

one more for the ROAD , I mean for the rails

bnsf 7640 half jan 6 2012

Seattle train station neat photos

back in  May-  5/1/2011 and  5/15/2011, I wrote 2 posts: Train to Seattle  and More on the Seattle train station restoration.  Here’s some new photos of how the inside of the train station looked way back when… 1940’s?

Below is how the balcony looked like.  I don’t know what they used it for and I’m still curious. 

train station seattle  oct 2011

Next photo is what the same area  looked like this October 2011 when I was there catching a train.         

train station seattle oct 2011 balcony now

The lunch counter (below)

train station seattle oct 2011 lunch counter

I would have loved to sit here and have a cup of coffee out of those Urns on the counter!  Sorry for not having a current photo of the space as it looks now, but I think I had too many photos in my camera and it stopped storing them even though I did take a picture of the barren area.

See the ice box way on the back wall with a waitress standing in front of it?  The icebox has a plant on top of it.  That exact spot is where the big write up and photos were that I am displaying.  The pillars are still there and the floor is empty- just a big space.

This next photo (below) is very interesting and I can’t place the current location as I was looking around from wall to wall last month when I was there, but you see the parcel room to the left.  Did packages come in on the train?  The booth to the right must have been candy, cigars… things like that sold there.  Is that fresh fruit in boxes on the floor in front of the parcel room?

train station seattle parcel rppm oct 2011

Women’s waiting room

train station seattle oct 2011 waiting room

As I took these photos from pictures on the wall (the wall where the luncheon counter was), I seem to remember that this Women’s waiting room was upstairs.  Isn’t this room neat?  A women’s waiting room- nice idea.  Furniture looks turn of the century which may be the time period of the photo too.

Hope  you enjoyed reliving the past from the Seattle WA train station.

green trolley 507

All aboard!

green trolly sep folder_AutoCollage_8_Images

green trolley  505 angle front view jan 2012

green trolley long view  jan 2012

green trolley logo jan 2012

green trolley 507 close up front jan 2012

Train collage

march 16th trains santa fe_AutoCollage_12_Images

Some of my favorite train photos I took over the last year are in this collage.  There’s a lot to look at in this one photo. 

great Amtrak pic

kims amtak photo wenatchee

Stopping in Wenatchee  at night  for the  apple blossom festival.   Lot of people got off the train here.  I didn’t realize those stripes on the train and the logo  were fluorescent  till I saw this photo that my daughter took .

kims amtrak photo 2 white lamp