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the chickens

Hens by grill

hen by grill1

They go where the shade is.  I knew there was a purpose for the grill out back.




more hen grill pics 3

more hen grill pics 1


heat wave



About the time of those fires a week ago, it got to 106 one day!  I think it broke a record.  Don’t remember it getting past 100 degrees over the years.  I open the gate so the hens can leave the courtyard, and camp out under the plum trees in the backyard. Have to make sure they have cold water all day.  Their feeder stays under the plum trees too (not shown).   

Mystery Rooster



Thank you to whoever left this on my doorstep.  It was a few months ago and, there it was by the front door, with no note or nothing.  Every time I walk past it on the table, I smile.  Thank you- whoever you are!!  I love this little chicken.  It’s nice to be thought of.

They get to come out if they don’t dig holes…


They get to go on the grass for a few hours if they don’t dig holes.  So far they’ve been well behaved.

More hen pics

Are you bored yet? Here’s some more hen photos.




Spring hen photos


ImageI took the
QC supply Hanging Tube Poultry Waterer down for the winter, and got  it back up and running yesterday.  The hens went to it right away the minute I hooked it up.  I give them water in buckets too, besides the chicken nipple Waterer, but if I’m late on filling the water buckets, they will not run out of fresh water.

One of the nipples was missing, so luckily I had extra.  The red part was attached, but the silver part was out.  It was easy to fix.  With pliers, I pulled out the red part.  The black rubber ring was still intact, so after pulling out the red plastic, I inserted another red plastic/with metal thing.  I pushed it up for a snug fit against the rubber ring.  All fixed!  I don’t know how to link one post to another, so if you want to see the post on the nipple Waterer, it’s on august 6, 2013





2 hens probably going in to lay an egg

2 hens probably going in to lay an egg

“She’s taking way too long in there… I got to lay my egg!”


Australorp flock

Australorp flock

Just a good weather day for the hens. They are laying and didn’t stop for the winter. That was unusual, becuase I didn’t have artificial light in the coop except for occasional  wet days, to dry up things inside.


This sand is better

This is the right sand,

This is the right sand,

Previous sand was wrong, this is the right sand! The previous post shows sand that is gray and looks like driveway small gravel. Not the kind I should have bought at Home Depot. It was tube sand. This sand here in the photo is the right sand.

It is construction sand at Home Depot in 60 lb. bags. A consolation for the leaks in the seams of the paper bags was the $3.49 price for one 60 lb. bag. Where I got the idea about sand is all from the great chicken website on the previous post. This sand is soft sand and must feel good on their feet.

Sand in the hen house

sand in coop dec 2013

Here’s a photo after the first night of using sand for litter in the chicken coop.  I have 21 hens, but because we disrupted their dusk routine of entering the coop, not all of them when in.  About 6 went to another structure in the courtyard they  only lay eggs in, so normally there’d be some more droppings than what you see.

It’s that great website, the chicken –chick.com that influenced me so much.  all the info on sand in the coop from the chicken chick   It was time to clean out the coop, so I decided on sand after I read this page on her blog.  The two quarry’s  near by said they didn’t have commercial grade sand.  I figured out that Home Depot’s tube sand in 60 l.b bags is commercial grade sand (I hope I got that right!).  It is 4.67 a bag.  Please let me know if I got the wrong sand, someone.  I think it is the correct one.

I put a bag in another coop in the courtyard so they can have their sand baths.  It’s enclosed and I don’t know if they are using it, but I hope to open the door one of these times and see them in there.

One of the hens took a sand bath in some oats that were in a plastic container that tipped over.  The little dickens…