a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Tea in the sunroom with cancer

April tea party

Center piece on the table .  Irises from my yard that just bloomed.(below)

irises april 26 2012 001

I’m thankful for everyone who came to tea the other day; hope they enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did.  Here’s some of the treats I made. below- homemade graham crackers/crème cheese and sliced strawberries.  here’s the recipe from smitten kitchen  I love these graham crackers; easy to make especially when I mix the dough in the bread machine.

tea party desserets 003

These little lemon tarts below  have a peppermint leaf for the garnish.  Crème cheese/condensed milk/ lemon juice and lemon zest.

tea party desserets 001

I had another box of these little phylo cups (15 in pkg) and I filled them  with heavy whipped cream plus a little sugar; topped with blueberries.

tea party desserets 007


tangelos #4383

chart shows when these are  in season   These are the best tangelos/Minneola’s and I found them at Wal-Mart for 48 cents a piece.  Dumb me, I only bought 2. If you notice on the chart when they are in season, it tells you February through April.  Might as well eat them all winter!


They are a cross between a grapefruit and an orange which makes them so tangy.  I was pleasantly surprised to find something very good at Wal-Mart when I found these!

China free Vitamin C

I didn’t realize how much we need  large doses Vit C  until I read articles on the following website.

Where do you find it?  I only  know of one place, if you find another, let me in on it. http://http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/      This website has a lot of great articles about Vitamin C, so many that you can  go back to the site and just keep on reading time after  time.   I bought the  powder Vit. C (ascorbic acid)  that they sell (comes from Europe, not China) and  it gave me a lot of energy.

  It’s a pretty good buy since 1/4 tsp. equals 500 mg.    These articles on Vit c  are  very informative too as well as the U-tube videos that they lead you too from the website.

I take mine in grapefruit juice, just 1 ounce or 2 at a time .  I didn’t know I like grapefruit juice so much before I started   having it every day with the Vit c in it.   It is better than orange juice ( to me anyway).


More about Vitamin C

This story of the New Zealand Man  here’s the 17 minute  60 minutes story of Allen Smith cured by Vit C    got my attention on the power of Vit C along with the Vit foundation.org website.    That little packet the wife is putting in his glass of water (about 15 min. into video) is lypo spheric Vit C that goes into the cells.  Here’s Allen Smith  introducing Dr Levy in New Zealand at a Vit C conference.



Update- I’m not taking this stuff ever again!  I’ve switched to Barley Green!

Warning- Don’t take this stuff.  I wrote the below post about it  before I realized how sick it can get you.  this is dangerous.  Take Barley green instead which is not as potent and will not get you  sick.

Ever took this before?  I ordered Dr. Mercola’s  premium  chlorella about 2 years ago- the tablet form in the photo.  I threw up rather violently.  How did I know 6 in one day was to many?  A year later I tried some again- only two; threw up again, rather violently.

Now it is  2  1/2 years later and I’m trying it again, but I got smart.  Don’t take it on an empty stomach!   I put it in this:


imageOk, Now we’re getting somewhere!   In the Vita mix I put 4 or 5 ounces of  Breyers mint choc chip ice-cream, milk and  chlorella; about a 1/4 tsp. of the powder kind.  Breyers all natural ice cream  has sugar in it, not corn syrup, that’s why I eat this brand of ice cream.

list of products that DO NOT have corn syrup


There’s more to digest about Chlorella

take a look at this post and comments    Looks like others are getting very sick on this too, and the blogger here even had it in a milkshake like I did.   Is it an allergic reaction like they say, or is it your body throwing off poisons?   Note the Dec. 16, 2010 comment  about  taking the allergy test with the chlorella by pricking your skin with a sterile needle and applying some chlorella on it to see if you get hives there.  I haven’t done that yet.

I don’t go beyond a 1/4 tsp in my  milkshake.  Never will take more than that.   I just don’t know why many are vomiting from it.  Allergy?  Bad batch?  Toxins coming out faster that the liver can handle it?  It’s an unsolved mystery in book, but I am taking it for now- cautiously.

It does so much good for you; is classified as a food, and  it is  staying down this time  when I put it in a milkshake, so I’ll keep taking it.

Breakthrough mms1 book

imageHere’s a good book.  It’s the miracle mineral solution of the 21st Century.   I give MMS1 ( it’s chlorine dioxide when activated with the citric acid).   to my cats in milk or cream  and that saves a lot of money since it eliminates  the need for worm pills.   This book is written by a research engineer  who was  in  the   aerospace  industry for about 25 years:Jim Humble.  Here’s one of his websites      Here’s the other one

Would you  try something that was given to Malaria victims in Africa  and it cured them of their malaria?  There are some encouraging stories of people getting better because of this.  You buy a 4 oz bottle of MMS1 and a 4 oz. bottle of citric acid.  You put  1 drops (for starters) of each in a clean glass; wait 3 minutes, then drink it with some water or juice.  Can’t be orange juice and can’t have added Vitamin C to it since that makes it non effective.  I only started with 1/2 drop for the first day.  I’ve not upchucked on it since I am careful not to go beyond any nausea I have.

MMS is not chlorine dioxide; Miracle Mineral Supplement – MMS is sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%. Combining with acid briefly produces chlorous acid (HClO2), which in sequential steps oxidizes ambient chlorite (ClO2-) to create chlorine dioxide (ClO2).


The author’s experience with stabilized oxygen led him to the understanding of  chlorine dioxide  which he explains on page 20.  On page 195 he explains  the oxidizing process of chlorine dioxide. 

It is the oxidizing process  of chlorine dioxide ions that works to kill  pathogens and eliminate harmful chemicals … the process takes place throughout the body whenever chlorine dioxide ions contact pathogens.  It does not attack beneficial  bacteria or healthy body parts, as they have a resistance to oxidization….


When you feel nauseous, that means the toxics are coming out, just slice up an apple and eat some sections through out the day.  It helps so  much.  That is  found that on the website, and I know it to be true since I did the beet protocol last year and  you were supposed to eat an apple before drinking the beet/asparagus juice so you would not throw up.  Apples help absorb the toxins and get rid of them.


There was a poor mining village in the jungle of Africa that refused  the “health drink”  because they thought  the Malaria was a judgment from God for their sinful living. ( Page 10  in the book).     This is   not that  far fetched if you’ve been in  churches    here in America where sickness and death  is thought to be chastisement from  God  for something you are not doing right.  It’s old testament thinking, not the goodness of God that Paul  writes about in the New Testament.

This is not chlorine.   Although chlorine is also an oxidizer, it oxidizes in a different way; by chlorination.  which means it combines with whatever it’s oxidizing to make new compounds, some that  are cancerous.   See the difference?

   You can download the first 1/2 of this book free. where you can download the 1st half of book for free The 2n’d half can be downloaded, but you have to pay for it. 

I put a drop in  a pan of water to kill any pathogens on the lettuce.  You can purify your water too with the mms1.  I think it’s 4 drops to every gallon of water. 

Want to know what it did for me?

  •   Well, in a few days time  I’ve felt some pings throughout my body- yeast, fungus and pathogens being killed.  One place was my breast where the metal stitches are.  I think I had infection in there, but now it feels much  more normal and stronger. 
  • my chronic bad ear feels better with no ear ache.
  • Felt weird sensations on my  left eyelid/eye- something was being zapped there.   Do you know we have sinuses behind our eyes?
  • felt it through my lymph nodes too.  It’s a sensation of heat that you feel  because it’s oxidizing the specific area.
  •   My right ankle didn’t feel stiff anymore! 
  • My throat:  felt pathogens being zapped there, only on my left side of throat.
  • Felt about 5  seconds of zapping on my right side.  Could have been my liver, or intestines… don’t know.   All these things happened in the first 3 days of taking the doses, and they were small doses.  I started at 1/2 drop,… up to 3 drops all the above took place.  Now I’m at 5-8 drops a dose.


Update  a few weeks later:

I  mix a drop for every ounce in a spray bottle and spray it on the hen house roosts…. in the nesting boxes….   The cats still get it…  I take a bath in it- 17 activated  drops.   I can’t take it orally anymore, makes me shudder- just the smell of it, although I will be taking maintenance doses the braver I get.  

the beet protocol


Beet Protocol explained I juice beets and asparagus in the morning and eat an apple afterwards.  You have to eat the apple or else you will get nauseas from the beets getting the toxins out since they are one powerful vegetable.  I did get a little  nauseous the next morning even though I ate an apple.  They say to eat 2 or 3 apples.  Think I had 3/4 of one.

Day 6…I’m still juicing beets and asparagus every morning and we are having lower back aches, not too bad, but they are noticeable which indicates kidneys are detoxifying and sometimes it can bring on the kidney stones to be expelled.  The solution is B6 vitamins, magnesium, and coral calcium although I haven’t bought any of those yet.

Hunger pains are gone After you drink the beet juice and eat the apple, your hunger pains are gone.  It’s very satisfying and you know you’ve put something good into your body.  I like washing the juicer utensils in the sink afterwards and seeing the bright red/pink water.

Chickens get the beet pulp! Makes me glad I’m making my hens healthier too.  They’ve been eating it every day so far and not tiring of it.   Their combs are a brighter red too since they’ve been having beet/asparagus pulp.

This salve just got better

mar06195.jpg It is the apricot kernel oil (food grade) that made this salve even better than it is. It’s quite a moisturizer from the looks of my hands and face. B- 17 is what apricot kernel oil contains which destroys cancer cells. It is a staple in my homemade salve from now on.

Another benefit from apricot kernel oil is that you can use it in salad dressing if you get the food grade kind.


Using the Vita Mix to process salve

In my most recent batch of salve I seeped dried calendula flower heads in the oil and then put the mixture in the Vita Mix to mix thoroughly. I didn’t strain it but instead, added the beeswax. Wow, it is a beautiful orange colored salve that smells like the calendula flower which has a citrus orange smell to it. Should be used up within 3 months since there are no preservatives in it. I really like his batch.

Calendula flower heads are supposed to help prevent the infection of lacerated wounds from what I’ve read. Carotenoids (gives it it’s color), volatile oil and resins are what the flower heads consist of . You see it in salve ingredients often because it’s good for the skin as in helping diaper rash, cuts scrapes, fungus issues (ringworm, athletics foot) and sore nipples from breast feeding.

http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_calendula.htm is where I found this info.

A dear lady sends a dear cup

A dear lady sent this dear cup to me as she thought of me on the first chemo treatment I had recently.   I thank God for ladies like Mrs F. that are old enough to be my mom who  have a lot of wisdom which makes them so very dear and set apart from others because of their quality of discernment .

On the bottom of the cup it says: 14, “Dogwood”, Elizabethan, fine bone china, England. It’s special to be thought of and I hope I can be a support and blessing for others , some how, someway, the way many have been to me through this cancer time of my life.

The note she included was even more of an encouragement than the cup and saucer. Thank you Mrs F.


improving the healthy smoothie

I ran out of ice cream so these smoothie/milkshakes are getting even better.  Take a look  at this one I’ve been making:

  • 1/2 baggie of crushed ice (I use a hammer)
  • about 8 ounces of milk or 3 ounces of plain   yogurt
  • 1 TBlsp of flax seed oil
  • 2 or 3 tbsp of crushed flaxeed
  • 2 vit C tablets (mine are 500 mg each)
  • 2 juice plus fruit capsules emptied in blender
  • 1 whole banana in chunks
  • 1 cut up carrot
  • 1/4 cup of bolthouse fruit smoothie drink (it’s in the produce section at Walmart) and any flavor will do; there are about 6 of them

Blend it all in the blender.  The crushed flaxseed taste nutty.  This is the best one I ever made.  I’m putting walnuts in the next one.

Healthy milkshakes/flaxseed oil

Here’s our favorite current milkshake and it is healthy for us too.   I found Barlean’s flaxseed oil recently  which is supposed to fight cancer by  strengthening the immune system with all the omega 3 it contains.  http://www.barleans.com/ We take ours in milkshakes but it’s the ice in the milkshake that makes it so refreshing.  The flax oil makes it healthy.

  • 2 scoops chocolate ice cream
  • a sandwich bag of crushed ice ( use ice cubes and pound them with a hammer)
  • 10 ounces of milk or some plain yogurt (either one)
  • 1 banana in chunks
  • about 2 TBSp of flax seed oil
  • Tbsp of crushed flax (it’s in the bread making aisle)

Mix it all in the blender and it’s so refreashing in this hot weather.  Not too sweet either since you have all the ice and milk in there.   I bought some whip cream spray to put on top to make it a “Starbucks”  fralappee.

On a side note: I put some flaxseed oil in plain  yogurt for my cat and she ate it!