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My memoirs

Why I am glad to be a Christian

I’m glad to be a Christian  because I can pillow my head at night knowing  that Jesus Christ has paid the sin penalty for me, which makes me able to go to heaven when I die.   I see my big need for a Saviour and Jesus Christ  is it.

The Holy Spirit lives in me, and because of that- I’m glad to be a Christian.   We were left with the King James bible, which enlightens us and shows us all about our great wonderful Saviour.  The old testament  shows us how God  dealt with the Jewish people.  The gospels tells us  what Jesus did while on this earth, and Paul’s books gives us hope and a lot of promises.  The books after Paul are in the tribulation time period.  I’m glad and thankful that I am a Christian and have the King James bible.

I’m glad and relieved  to be a Christian living with the books Paul wrote since those specific books show us how to live to please God.  There is a lot of instruction  to be put to use  in those books.  Thank God for all He’s done for us. I’m glad to be a Christian  heading for eternity in heaven.  Below- photo of Australarp hens when they were pullets.



Wenatchee Hills

wenatchee cliffs closs up dens 2011

wenatchee hills dec 2011 cliffs

(above) Here’s a close up of the cliffs on Hwy 28 towards Wenatchee on your way there.  Every time I drive by, I look for the animals that sleep in those caves; haven’t seen one yet, but they are there and they come out at dusk.

Below are 3 photos on the other side of Hwy 28 on your way out of Wenatchee.  See the train line in the 2nd photo?

wenatchee hills dec 2011

wenatchee hills dec 2011  2

wenatchee hills nice 2011

train to Seattle

seattle trip 002seattle trip 003

The scenery was beautiful.  These photos are from Wenatchee WA to Seattle through the train window.

seattle trip 004

This route goes through the Cascade mountains.  It was snowing that morning.

 seattle trip 006

2 dislikes about the train-

The Cascade tunnel is about 20 minutes of darkness; glad when it’s over.  Secondly, much of the railroad track is right next to big drop –offs!  If I lean to the window , it feels like I’ll tilt the train.

seattle trip 009

Pulling in to Seattle- here’s our train.

seattle trip 010 blue light windows station

Old train stations are so neat.  I like the way the daylight looked blue through the windows.  This is the Compass room which has been restored. 

I didn’t get the photos of the waiting room area, but I should have taken some pictures of the remodeling they are doing there.  Old parts of the walls and ceiling are in plain view.  Ill have to take pics of it  on our next train trip there.

compass room floor

and the compass room has a compass floor.

mountains gas station

Looks like an old gas station. This might have been in Skyomish.


mountains 3 nice

Nice place for a house!


old photo


Happy 4th of July !     Do you like old family photos?  Wonder what they thought when they saw the statue of Liberty at the end of their long journey to the United States.   Here’s my paternal great  grandparents .  That is quite some mustache on great grandpa isn’t it?  He died in a terrible lumber accident in Minnesota or Michigan, but they lived in Cheboygan Michigan.kinast old photo  Francis and Johanna M.(wonder what her middle name was)  are the mom and dad in the picture.  This photo was taken  about in the early 1880’s.  I can figure that out by my grandfathers birthday (small boy in front). 

I think the mom, Dad, and three oldest came over from Poland in about  1875.  The mom  must have been a young bride since she  was born in 1859.  Wish there was some diary or written account of something from the lady in the picture who I know nothing about.  Coming to America in the late 1800s must have been inviting because in school the kids had to learn Russian instead of Polish.   Poland was in the middle of Europe without natural boundaries; not an easy place to protect.

my watercolor gallery

colorful basket    blue flowers

fruit basket   dark chicken


orange pear squash  wreath    watering can

pansey wreath 2       ok pansey wreath

rose pink wreath                  yellow chicken

pansey wreath 3            grape wreath

   tiger lily ho hum           what wreath

basket of grapes                 purple spiked flowers            

These watercolors are from summer of  1995.  I had 2 little kids playing on the back porch while I did these.

my diary – like Anita Dwyer’s

Anyone read the June 13th post on the diary of Anita Dwyer Withers?  Well, I’m writing my own  diary like she did- short entries of this and that.  Didn’t write as much as she did and she had a quill pen unlike my keyboard.  She couldn’t include a photo as I did on 6/16.


Diary of Elizabeth (lisa) from Elizabethian Tea

June 3rd, 2010

We were going to take a day trip  to Cosco,  which is an hour away, but decided to delay it for a later time because the air condition has to get fixed in the car first.

June 13th, 2010

It is finally getting hot outside which is very good for the garden.  The pumpkin plant  has a tiny gumball size pumpkin on it.  I’ll make pumpkin casserole  when they are ready.  You clean out the pumpkin and stuff it with rice and cooked hamburger,onions and spices.  This will be the first year that my pumpkins came up so early.

June 16th, 2010


Went an hour away to Cosco today since we now have a Cosco card (after 5 years of not having one).   I got a  1 ft stack of these paper trays  to play restaurant at home.    I love these little paper food trays.  Makes me think of my kitchen as a deli!

June 18th 2010

I made homemade ravioli yesterday and it turned out delicious. Watched some u tube videos of people making it before I tried it.   I love to use the hen’s eggs when I make homemade things.  Used about 6 eggs.   The filling was ground up seasoned cooked hamburger, artichokes, and strawberry spinach.

June19th, 3010

We went strawberry picking today and have a lot of  freezing to do.  I’d like to try strawberry jam this year since I’ve never made it although I have made plum butter.  It smells like strawberries in the kitchen with two big boxes on the counter.   For lunch we had crackers, cheese and strawberries.

Labor Day weekend 08

Then there’s the cleaning of the fish….Picture 015

You just slit the fish on the belly bottom towards the head, but you better look on U-tube or somewhere else for more specific instructions.      These were rainbow trout we caught.

a little family history

This is about 1923 or so on the back porch of my Dad’s house where he grew up. My Dad is the one on the swing (far right) holding his cap in one hand and his arm around uncle Johnny. My Aunt Mary must have been in the house in a crib. This porch was off of the kitchen. We called our grandpa Doc . I think he wanted to go by that; he was a dentist and all polish. My grandma was german and a little french.

This photo proves that the porch was a little slanted even back in the 20’s. I don’t know if it sunk a little or was meant to be that way to drain water ?

Here’s the house in Wisconsin. See the bottom back porch with the awning? That is where the previous photo was taken. This picture was taken in the late 50’s I think. See the two windows in the attic? You could see the whole neighborhood from those windows! This big old house was built in 1907, then my grandpa bought it in 1916 and it stayed in the family till 1995. I lived in this house for a few years in the 90’s while married with 2 small kids. Most of the picket fence was gone by then as well as the awnings on the windows.

Here’s my Dad (third from left) and his brothers. Probably 1928 or 1929. Isn’t in neat to have photos from where you came from?!

you can get through surgery

something to thank God for

I had good caring nurses recently in the hospital who were kind and helpful, for them I’m thankful as well as being thankful for my surgeon and anesthesiologist. Before I went to the hospital my daughter and I read Psalm 41 which was a comfort to me all morning. It was about the person who gives consideration to the poor and how he’ll be blessed. Here is the verse that I took into surgery with me:

“The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness”. Psalm 41:3

The Love of family and friends

I was surrounded by the love of family and friends far and near through phone calls, emails, cards, and gifts and from visits from Christan ladies that took time out of their day to drive out of their way to my place to let me know they care about me.

My two sisters have encouraged me over the phone and I received beautiful flowers from my sister in law which brings me to a special sister in Christ who took a whole day out of her week to drive me 40 miles to the hospital (after driving 40 miles first to where I live).

She has her family at home and grandchildren near by, yet, she spent the whole day helping me get to surgery and stayed through the operation, not to mention she denied herself a cup of coffee that the nurse offered her on account of knowing I couldn’t have a cup with her since it was half an hour before the little blue cap and blue slippers go on for surgery.

Counting my blessings

I was counting my blessings the night I stayed in the hospital from the hours of midnight on; just couldn’t sleep for some reason. How close and comforting was the Lord to me as I sipped on ice tea all night. The dedication of medically trained men and woman was something to thank God for as well as for caring sisters in Christ.


Hand Salve


Here’s my new jar for the hand salve I make. 2 oz jar for 4.50
Ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, flowers and herbs.

I call it: Elizabethian hand Salve.  It’s great to make something you use everyday.

What is a salve?   Well, there is ointment, salve and balm, all have some sort of oil and wax in them with different consistencies.   They include essential oils  and some are antibiotic, especially if you add neosporin.

My salve has flower heads and herbs steeped in the olive oil to bring out their healing properties in the oils. This winter I added spikenard and myrrh oil to some of  the salve. Guess what else? Green tea bags steeped in the olive oil will give me my Green Tea Salve. Celestial Seasoning orange herbal tea is my “orange spice” if you see that on the label.

The Beeswax– I get 8×11 sheets of fragrant wonderful beeswax at Silver Bow Honey. Good high quality beeswax matters. Not all beeswax is high quality , but Silver Bow’s is.

Olive oil- I use Walmarts because it moves fast on the shelf and I know it’s fresh. Olive oil gets rancid fast and has a short shelf life in the super market. Fresh olive oil, high quality beeswax and things steeped in the olive oil….. makes good salve.
 My personal favorite is Lavender Salve.  Will have to wait till July for some fresh lavender to make it.