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straw bale holes got filled


I filled up the straw bale holes, plus beyond the straw bales, there are plants in the ground till the end of the soaker hose.  15 ft or 25 ft soaker hose, can’t remember.   Here’s what I got in the straw bales: 2  zucchini plants.  You can hardly see them in the photo- there they are, by the stick.  Next on the tomato cage is an Armenian cuke plant (Hurray!  they are so hard to germinate for me),  next 2 tomato cages have tomatoes in them- Dr Wyche yellow tomatoes, or orange banana.  On the ground there’s another tomato, then a  winter squash plant.  The squash are green striped.  another tomato, then an eggplant plant that I started indoors and got real big.    The wooden trellis has pole beans  planted beneath, and somewhere in-between is anther  cuke plant.  here’s hoping it all goes grows well!




I love my Rosemary plant. 

The terracotta  clay pot broke when a gust of wind came by, so I went to this green plastic container that was a little bigger.  The plant doubled in width and you can see I keep a flat top on it; pinching off the tallest parts for cooking.   I miracle grow it about once  a month too.

rosemary plant in green plastic aug 2012 002

Here it is (below) in the photo about 2 months ago after I replanted it in a terra cotta pot when I bought it at Wal-Mart.  good buy for only 2.50.

rosemary plant

I know  rosemary is good for beef and lamb, but I use it the most in hash browns in the fry pan.  I love my rosemary plant, but do these keep growing in the winter? I’ll have to read up on that… maybe clip off most of it to use dried.

Garden tags

june 1st garden house garage and tag


These are my little garden tags along the fence line.  I have  pole bean and cucumber tags; some tags for my tomato varieties too.  They are waterproof with the clear  packaging tape on them. Punched a hole in the tag to string them to the fence. 

june 1st garden tomato row line

june 1st garden labels 1

june 1st  big garden 4 rows

tomato plants in windowsills


It’s going to be quite a garden this summer.  I’ve got my south windowsills full of tomato plants.  Below photo is behind the sofa windowsill.

tomato plants april 2012 003

another windowsill  behind a sofa below:

tomato windowsill brown sofa 003

In the bathroom (below)

tomato plants april 2012 007

bedroom windowsill (below)

tomato plants april 2012 005

Running out of South exposure windowsills, I have to utilize the kitchen Island where the sky lights are.

tomato plants april 2012 004

Have to wait till the temperature at night is 50 degrees before planting tomatoes.

2012-04-21 tomato plants april 2012_AutoCollage_11_Images

germinating seeds

germination of tomato seeds  feb  2012

Here’s  a tray of tomato seeds; various kinds.  This is a 72 piece peat tray and what surprised me was the  miraculously short time span it took for them to germinate.  February  26th in the evening I put in the seeds and on the 4th day- March 1st, I saw 8 of these sprout up in the 2nd row (2nd row from the back).   After thinking about it, I think I found out why the “instant” germination.

 germination close up march 3 2012

 The reason why they came up so fast- I had the space heater on the bathroom counter and the place was well over 70 degrees.   It was very warm and ready for the seeds, and I watered the tray the night before to get  the little peat things well watered, but really, never before has any seedlings germinated that quick before in my experience.

It was the Tlacolula Mexican ribbed tomato that sprouted first. These two  photos  above were taken on the 6th day.

I take off the netting when I transplant these little seedlings so their roots can form better.

Summer full of tomatoes

this video has me thinking of doing this is in the backyard when we get 90 degree weather again!    I did dehydrate some tomatoes in the dehydrator.

I was picking a roaster pan full every day through August and September.  Had 5 different kids- Brandywine’s, Colossal, Abe Lincoln, Dr. Wyche Yellow (was my favorite), and a few others.

tomatoes in roaster  Sept 2011

These tomatoes have been coming in handy and they lasted till November. I made a lot of tomato soup to freeze and I was adding up the savings when I think of a can of soup is at least $1.19.

imageIt’s nice to be able to pull out a frozen portion of tomato soup;  beef and barley too which takes a lot of tomatoes for the broth.  I froze  tomatoes plain to make fresh beef and barley soup.  Isn’t Beef and Barley the best soup there is?

The big pumpkin

pumpkin charlie nov 2011  1

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

pumpkin and triscuit nov 2011

It’s a rouge Vif D’ Etampse pumpkin (French), although I don’t  like the light colored flesh to bake with, but the seeds are good to butter, salt and bake.

a tomato story

tomatoes side of house all 4I planted these tomatoes plants on the side of the house this morning and took this photo.  This spot gets south west afternoon sun and is shielded from the north wind, so I thought it be a good place for tomatoes! 

tomatoes side of houseThis view is missing the 4th tomato plant on the left.  I filled in grass clippings around the plants, and  circled them so you could see where they were.  These were the smaller left over plants in the greenhouse.  The bigger ones in the previous post went to the garden and I’m not sure what each type is (these were from the tray that didn’t get labeled properly).  I think there is a Brandywine  plant in the middle of the 2nd photo.  The first and last plant are beef stake ones, that is why I put them by the  green metal post.

For the last 8 years this spot was filled with  climbing rose bushes.  I put an add in the paper for someone to come and dig them out and haul them away.   A mom and daughter came yesterday and it was a big job for them since the roots were woody and down deep, but they got them out!  There van was filled with 4 big climbing rose bushes when they drove away.

I was so happy to have this space for tomatoes!   I’ll  have to take another photo  in August of this exact spot.

I love tomatoes

tomato plants 003

We grew these tomatoes and I didn’t realize how much I loved germinating seeds and growing things until this spring when we germinated a lot of seeds.  It’s the first  time they turned out real well.   Started these in the house and used every  south windowsill, but the lights in the bathroom we had set up did a lot too.

tomato plants 001

Lot of these sold at farmers market which means we got payback for the seeds we bought this year- $50.00 worth.

tomatoes from seedlings on mothers day 2011

tomatoes  2 ft  tall mothers dayThese are our 2 feet tomato plants we started from seeds and even though it’s a little early (mothers Day 2011 )  we had to get them  planted so they wouldn’t break off at the stem.   Planted them by the garage; not in the garden because they are more wind protected  by the garage.  These were not grown in the greenhouse even though I checked the category on this post as  “greenhouse”.

  We’ll have to heat the greenhouse next year to get the tomato plants this big, also these are  like a beefsteak  variety, so they grow bigger.  This one is a  Dr. Wythe’s yellow tomato from Bakers Creeks seeds, although they are more orange like in color.