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Armenian cucumbers

Armenian cucumbers

       These are Armenian cucumbers.  For two years in a row I tried to germinate them and they didn’t germinate!  This year I’m on a mission to germinate Armenian cukes.  They are so crispy.  The unique light green interior is different from regular cukes.  Currently  I have two trays of 6 little seedling pellets in a plastic see through cookie thing from the bakery (save those, don’t throw them away!) with Armenian seeds trying to sprout.

       Even the Farmers Market guy said they are hard to germinate.  It’s been 4 days now, still nothing has germinated.   The trays are on the floor vents in the house.   Funny thing… at night I smell soil.  The seeds were from a cucumber I had from 3 years ago.   Just  now I ordered a packet from Rare Seeds/ Bakers Creek, from Missouri.    I am determined to germinate and grow some of these cukes!

I just ordered