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Freezing tomates in muffin tins


Used the 6 cup muffin tin to freeze these tomatoes.  They’ll make great tomato soup.  Notice the many orange tomatoes I have?  My favorites.  I freeze them in a gallon labeled bag.  These were green tomatoes that I picked and brought in  early October.  They turned their colors and were ready for parboiling and freezing recently.



Been canning

sept 2014 pickles

Did some pickles and I forgot how much sugar goes into sweet pickles!  These might taste real good in months to come.

Kale from my garden

Safeway sells this kale too, and that’s where I first tried it.  Glad I grew it this year!

Lacinato Kale, also goes by these names:  (dinosaur kale), and Tuscan kale

Lacinato Kale, also goes by these names: (dinosaur kale), and Tuscan kale

King of the hay bale


He fights all the cats who dare to  wander in our yard out back!


Before and after tomatoes growing upward

Before and after tomatoes growing upward

IT WORKED! Some guy on U tube showed this, and he got the idea from someone else on U tube… I tried it and it really does work. Here’s the “AFTER” photo first. Next is the “before” photo. These tomato plants grew so long in my window sill (Feb, March). Lay them on their side for 2 weeks and they turn and grow upward. I put them in the ground, just like this, on their side.  BELOW- Picture of tomatoes when I first layer them on their side, about 2 weeks before the “After” photo.

before photo of tomatoes

Tomato plants got covered!



(Above) Before picture of my Dr Wyche tomato plants blowing furiously in the wind. I put two plants out last week, a little early.  The other ones will go in on Mothers Day or later.

(below)  I got the two big Dr Wyche tomato plants wrapped up with plastic to shelter them from the wind, and bought clothespins to secure them.  I started these  3 ft. tomato plants from seed and they grew in my window sill.


Hurray!  tomato plants sheltered from the heavy winds we’ve been having!


Look at this squash soup!

Look at this squash soup!     When this comes out of my garden, I will make this luscious squash soup and serve  it in drinking glasses like the photo shows.   I’m having trouble with getting the links to the recipe and photo of squash soups… anyway, there are a lot of squash soups recipes online.   A few years ago, I froze batches and batches of tomato soup.  They were pretty good in the months to come, and I added squash to those batches.

territorial winter buttercup kabocha squash

The squash soup in drinking glasses  from the link is just what I will make when the winter buttercup kabocha squash is ready. I only have one seedling that germinated of this squash, so I better baby it and make sure I don’t plant it too soon; don’t want it to freeze.



plastic pots washed out for transplanting

Time to transfer little plants to bigger pots

Time to transfer little plants to bigger pots.  They just got hosed out.  I learned the hard way that the pots must be clean, or you contaminate the new plant, so now I keep the pots clean.

Parsley plant


        I had a good parsley  salad from this parsley plant.  Can’t wait to get this big parsley plant outdoors, but I have to wait till May, when it won’t freeze over night.  It’s a flat parsley that I started from seeds.   The little paper came off the stick and I don’t know where I got the parsley seeds from.   I started this plant from seeds, I think it was back in  October, or November.  It is kept  under the fluorescent lights indoors.  That is how it grew so big.



Trying out straw bale gardening

Trying out straw bale gardening

I’m getting my straw bales in place, and giving the ground underneath a rest from all the previous tomatoes planted there.