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Afternoon tea talk (older stuff)

Google’s headquarters in CA

Check out current natural light building structures.

I wanted to show you this link to Google’s headquarters’ photos.  Maybe you are like me in respect to not leaving your small town much and  want to see other sights.  Here’s one- Google’s headquarters in Northern CA somewhere.

I like the Google headquarters

look at Google’s headquarters pic’s .  Hope you didn’t miss that last sentence- that is where you click on to see the workplace photos.   I like the swimming pool/ hot tub.   What else I noticed was the gymnasium feel of the whole complex.  I love to see what’s new in building designs.  There is a lot of light in the floor with all the cubicles.

You might get some ideas for your home!

You might pick up an idea for a room in your home.  Just wander through some of the other complexes.    See what they all have in common?  The open office environment with lots of natural light.  When will they start making schools like this? I always hated the  “no window” new schools that they were making in the late 70’s.

Check out the Microsoft headquarters in Bellevue/Redmond/Seattle

I want to go there for a day trip.  When he writes on the walls with a red marker, what would you write?   I’d draw a rooster.

Altaide office in Paris

They have class.  No gymnasium feel to their offices, but their whole business doesn’t depend on the creativity as Google and face book does, yet  they have a classy, modern office.

Sweden’s Google

I like their headquarters even more than California’s!!  More wallpaper, murals, and in the cafe you can eat on the ping pong table.

Post panic office in Amsterdam

Just goes to show you what you can do with the lighting in any given room.  I see so many ideas for the home in each working environment being featured…wow.

Do the Chicago Google video

This was my last visit on this work place page, although it doesn’t rate last.  Click on to the Chicago Goggles headquarters especially to view their all free cafeteria (if you are employed there ) and you can see that the food tops any nice restaurant around.  They know that meal time should be “lift your spirit” time.  Another home idea!  Hard to do at home when kids get older and everyone wants a sofa seat.


Reading Colossians

fruit paiinting

It’s a great book of the bible to read and it can be a week’s project since it only has 4 chapters.  When you concentrate on just this book alone in any given week, you can get a lot out of it.   After all these years, I hadn’t realized  that every chapter of Colossians contains a verse on being thankful.

Colossians 1:12   Colossians 2:7    Colossians 3:15,17     Colossians 4:2

“Giving thanks unto the Father which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:”

“Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith as you have been taught,  abounding therein with thanksgiving.”
“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.”

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, [do] all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

“…giving thanks to God and the Father by him”…“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving.”


Those unsightly blinds


window after photo

These are the before and after photos of the window that needed help.  I will never buy blinds again.  Never.  They just don’t last.     I know I didn’t cut these sheets the right way, but it looks better than the broken blinds even if the top of the window isn’t covered.  I’m wondering how do you get a 17 yr old son to make his bed ….

curtain close upThe curtains are made from the top sheet of the bed   set. There  it was on the top shelf of of his closet  not being used which gave me the idea of using  it for a curtain.  Matching curtains and bedsheets look neat. Photo is a Close up of the bed sheet/curtain.

He doesn’t use the sham either that came in the “bed in a bag” at Walmart.   Maybe I could use for a valance!

Lemon Meringue pie

Today I saw somebody’s grandma on U-tube making a lemon meringue pie.   I’m going to make one just like hers!  Here’s the link to Grandmom Price’s lemon meringue pie.  I don’t know how she is,  but I sure enjoyed watching her make this pie.

Notice her neat  metal pie holder  that sits on her stove top.   It’s visible when she takes the pie out of the oven with the meringue on it.  I’ve never seen a neat pie holder like that!  It must be old.

Now Here’s my pie!  I made a graham cracker crust instead of a regular pie crust.     This is an inexpensive pie to make compared to some that cost more like pecan pie, chocolate ones… since those have more expensive ingredients than Lemon meringue pie.

Is it making sense yet to you?

Our murky  understanding can be helped,  murky thinking on the bible.  Here’s a good sermon on video about understanding Pauls’s epistles.     He  makes these books of the bible clear, Pastor Paulson from Touchet WA.     He makes sense and gave me a love for the Word of God that surpasses what I  had before.  Why do we struggle so? is the name of the sermon.   Sunday Am 3/15/09 video it\’s on this page

black touchet bible church Satan’s tactics are to substitute  Paul’s teachings on the Risen Christ from the pulpit to  other things that don’t matter.  He’s successful  at it and blinds many hearts and minds.

Horses came by today

I even got a close up photo.   horse leaving feb 16 09 Down the road they went.

a few of my favorite things



Here are a few of my favorite things–

  1. Apples in a bowl on a cake stand on the buffet.
  2. Hand painted lamps from Japan.  Have a set of two.  One of the first things I bid on from E Bay  4 or 5 years ago and wouldn’t you know.. they came from Milwaukee WI .
  3. Here’s a  set of 3 dollies that  I hung up with a push pin and ribbon.   They are on a foam board held together with laminate plastic.  Other photo is a close up of one of the dollies.
  4. And there’s my 4th grade photo.

set of dollies

close up of one of the 3 dollies

  • Online charts, power points and tracts

    image http://www.touchet1611.org/Charts2009.html Here are some chart/tracts to study the bible with.   Start with the first one and work down.  Wow, these are informative.  See what you think.  Ever hear of Paul’s Greater Commission instead of the Great Commission?   This is the first  chart/tract out of 20 some  that are online.   Pastor Paulson typed all of these.  They are easy to read and understand.

    His January sermons have been real eye openers too.  I used  winter blues for the name of this category, but  this has been far from a “blue winter” for me.   The more understanding you get, the more joy you take in!

    Noodle maker

    100_0038 I have a Marcato Atlas 150 from the thrift shop!  I should have bought one years ago.  When you have layer hens it just stands to reason that you should have a noodle  maker too.

    noodle making My 6 quart cast iron Dutch oven came in handy for hanging these noodles.  Now I just have to work on making the noodles thinner.  Nothing to plug in, just crank out the noodles.  Thanks to U Tube you can watch someone use one of these.   Next time I make noodles  I’ll use the big tall stockpot to  hang the noodles  on, just didn’t think of it the  first time.

    Had a Tea today

    tea ladyI love these old Victorian photos, like this one-  she’s having tea while balancing her hat on her head.

    cookie 007cookie 007cookie 007 Took this photo as I was waiting for everyone to arrive. Some of these photos dont’ show up, but put the curser over the spot where the photo is, try that. It was a good afternoon.  Sorry for all those who could not  make it.   Invited the ladies from church.    It’s good for ladies to get together with no better occasion than the dead of winter!

    tea pouring

    In this 2nd photo is a Cosco pumpkin pie plastic container that I saved.  I put 4 rows of cookie 001different cookies in it.   One of the things I made were these little “cherry cups”  with 3 ounce Dixie cups consisting of: chocolate graham cracker/butter  on the bottom,  Wilderness brand cherry pie filling ( 3 cherries for each cup), next on top-  heavy whip cream whipped with some sugar, and a little chocolate animal cookie on top.  cookie 003

    Thank you to a fine lady who gave me some beautiful tea cups.  Thank you to a fine lady who washed up the tea cups afterwards, thank you to all the fine ladies  who came.   Thank you Emily for the 13 cents left by where you sat.  Did you leave a tip?  I’ll bring it to church for you in case you didn’t.

    ladies fan