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Real Whip Cream


There is so much you can do with real whip cream.  I combined  a few things to make my whip cream be just right. whipping cream heavy whip cream a little soft spread cream cheese unflavored gelatin a little powdered sugar, but not much Last night I made a small strawberry jello and only put in the 1 cup of boiling water, omitting the other 1 cup of cold water.  

Mixed in some big strawberries I picked this last summer, and this morning I made the cream to put on top of it.   Real whip cream is a luxury.  I think that’s why many women like the Starbuck drinks.  The whip cream on top of the drink under the plastic bubble lid is a big treat.  Every morning I put it in my coffee and I’ve been combining whip cream with the heavy whip cream. How do you like your whip cream?

Below is Lucerene brand, but yesterday I made the mistake of buying Darigold brand, which does have the growth hormone in it.    Years ago I remember the cows coming through the parlor to get their Growth hormone shot.   Prior to that particular farm,  we were at a fairy farm  that did not give the shot.   I always look at the box and make sure it sys : no growth hormone.

Good brand for whip cream:  Lucerne.  No growth hormone in Lucerne whip cream!

Good brand for whip cream: Lucerne. No growth hormone in Lucerne whip cream!


One response

  1. quilt32

    Whipped cream does add such a lovely richness to whatever it accompanies. Your strawberry/Jello dish sounds interesting, omitting one cup of water.

    December 17, 2014 at 4:42 am

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