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Rye bread

Great rye bread

I finally made a great loaf of Rye bread! Finally! Yes, it looks small, and condensed.  It’s a heavy bread with 2 cups of rye flour.  Here’s where I found the recipe: http://veronicascornucopia.com/2013/08/07/bread-machine-rye-bread/

It’s the cocoa and strong brewed coffee that give it the dark appearance.  Really, this was a great recipe.  From what I know, it’s a  pumpernickel bread.   I used the bread machine (you can see the whole in the middle).   Wow, this bread is very good with just butter, for a sandwich, or with cream cheese.

Neat bread knife I have, isn’t it?  Got it a long time ago from a thrift shop.  The handle was red at one time.  That is Basil on the cutting board, from my garden.   This is very, very good bread.  You should have seen me looking for rye flour in town!  Couldn’t find any.  I go 30 minutes  away to the other Safeway and Walmart in search of rye flour-  no one had any!  I come back to town and got a 5 lb. bag of Hodgsmill Rye flour at the health store.



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