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my perfume

Lisa perfume with gunmetal fram

I had a box put away… opened it up, and found out it was a few perfume things from a few years ago.  This little bottle (about 7 ml) was in the box, so I made my own perfume today.   It’s called “Steam”.  I used:

  • carnation 

  • Fig fragrance

  • Orange blood Key accord,

  • Patchouli (the dark patchouli sample I recently had)

  • Castoreum blend

  • just a little liquid lanolin

What it smells like:   kind of powdery, and the castoreum blend gives it depth.  The castoreum blend is 50% real and 50% synthetic castoreum.  I smell the orange and carnation.  The fig just blends in there, and the patchouli isn’t real pronounced, but it’s great.  

Have to be careful when I spray it, so I don’t get it on my clothes, since it is oils.   I can only spray it on my sweaty neck and arms and forehead.  I love this scent, and I made it!  It’s been very humid lately.   It doesn’t have loads of longevity, but I might have to put some more castoreum blend in it.

Oh by the way, people make little concoctions like this and put a big price tag on it!


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