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Scent by the Sea perfume oils



https://www.etsy.com/shop/scentbythesea  (click on this, the blue font for the link doesn’t show up, but it’s a link).

This one, Sweet Hashish, is a tobacco and powder amber.  Very nice, if you like tobacco perfume as I do.  If you apply this with Kabuki, another one of their oils, then it is even better.  Kabuki has cherry, red musk (whatever that is), and star anise.  The Kabuki alone is an unfinished perfume, like the heart of a perfume without the top notes and the base.



Some more oils to review:

I only sent for two chocolate ones in my custom sample pack, although they do have a a chocolate lovers sample pack as well you can get.   I tried Arancia Nero, and Barbary Belle.


Arancia Nero-  This is the strongest smelling oil, and most long lasting sample of the bunch.  It’s chocolate, orange, and whipped creme!  And it is strong.  I kept picturing the cell of an old jail in an old  movie with big black steel bars, like this photo below of Rosalind Russell in the movie-  His Girl Friday (1940).   Really, you are a prisoner of this scent whether you like it or not.  I liked it!   Somehow, the Ocean by the Sea’s chocolate oil is the strongest one they have.  Wonder where they get their oils?


Barbary Belle-  Another chocolate one.  This one is different from Arancia Nero, because it has tobacco and roses in the chocolate.  If  you love tobacco oil like I do, you’d like this one.  The rose in there is ok, not exceptional.  Rose oil can really vary.  This one doesn’t last as long, but it’s still good.

Other ones I got in my sample packet-

Maggies Farm– It’s just  ok,  Nothing speical. I thought there’d be a little manure smell to mix with the leather and greenery, but there wasn’t.

Egyptian Honey– sickly sweet musk, little honey.  Bad compisition. They ought to discontinue this one.

Dark Patchouli good, but doesn’t last long.  I thought Patchouli was supposed to.  There again, this is a perfume scent that is unfinished.  Needs more notes in there.  Patchouli and lavender and orange is nice.  Wish they’d try that.

Jasmine– I love jasmine!  This one isn’t too lovable.  It’s light and flies away.  Maybe they need better quality jasmine, or less carrier oil.  

Dream- I like this lavender frankincense, pentagram in amber fusion.  Just needs to be stronger and longer lasting.  I can’t buy it if it’s weak.  Have you noticed?  I like strong scents.

Cinema Rouge– Not to bad. It’s a vanilla amber spice and black orchid, their description says.  Nice vanilla, but there could be more of it.

In conclusion- the only ones I tried to my liking were: Sweet Hashish, Aranica Nero and Bayberry Belle.  They  have a lot more concoctions on their site, wish I could have tried them all.   If I asked them to make me another sample pack with their strongest scents, I wonder what other ones I would get?


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