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Perfume oils- Scents of the Sea


I went to Scent by the Sea Scents of the Sea Etsy site (click it, the blue link isn’t showing up, but it’s a link).  for some perfume oils.  It’s been a hot summer, and I needed something new.   These 10 little samples were just 14.00 or 16.00 sh included. Very reasonable isn’t it?  I’m enjoying them, and I lay them out in front of my computer, like they are pictured here in the window sill.  Some of the oils are strong enough for me, but some are just to weak, so I  use the weak ones  like body oils on my legs and arms.  I might buy one of the strong ones I like, but it’ll be after I use up the little  brown vial when i realize I miss it!

Another blogger can shed more light on her sample bag (blue link color isn’t shown up, but it is a link, so click on “an even better review on these oils”).   An even better review on these oils

I’ll write more tomorrow about the ones I like.


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