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Spring hen photos


ImageI took the
QC supply Hanging Tube Poultry Waterer down for the winter, and got  it back up and running yesterday.  The hens went to it right away the minute I hooked it up.  I give them water in buckets too, besides the chicken nipple Waterer, but if I’m late on filling the water buckets, they will not run out of fresh water.

One of the nipples was missing, so luckily I had extra.  The red part was attached, but the silver part was out.  It was easy to fix.  With pliers, I pulled out the red part.  The black rubber ring was still intact, so after pulling out the red plastic, I inserted another red plastic/with metal thing.  I pushed it up for a snug fit against the rubber ring.  All fixed!  I don’t know how to link one post to another, so if you want to see the post on the nipple Waterer, it’s on august 6, 2013





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