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Look at this squash soup!

Look at this squash soup!     When this comes out of my garden, I will make this luscious squash soup and serve  it in drinking glasses like the photo shows.   I’m having trouble with getting the links to the recipe and photo of squash soups… anyway, there are a lot of squash soups recipes online.   A few years ago, I froze batches and batches of tomato soup.  They were pretty good in the months to come, and I added squash to those batches.

territorial winter buttercup kabocha squash

The squash soup in drinking glasses  from the link is just what I will make when the winter buttercup kabocha squash is ready. I only have one seedling that germinated of this squash, so I better baby it and make sure I don’t plant it too soon; don’t want it to freeze.


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