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The Doctors Family

Happy St Patricks Day, although this post has nothing to do with Irish things                         

Just a book from 1863.  Here’s a photo of Margaret Oliphant, the author.  Two brothers are doctors… life in a small town … I don’t want to tell you all about it, and make spoilers,but it’s an interesting story to read.  Like a lot of authors, I bet Margret Oliphant had real life material for her books, because I could just see this plot in real life.

I got it free on my kindle, through Amazon.    This author just writes about everyday life and the basic problems of people that  are still common today, because human nature doesn’t change.  In this story, a brother comes to live with his younger brother and stays and stays and doesn’t leave.  He eats his food, and of course, doesn’t pay a cent.  Still happens today, doesn’t it?

 Wish there were more photos of her online, but after all, it was 1863.  Australia is kind of close to England, so that is why the brother comes from a ship from Australia to see his brother.

  The setting is a small town in England where the young unmarried doctor lives and works.  His brother comes to town and is a parasite, living off his younger brother.  That’s how the book starts and there are surprises in the middle, and a happy ending.   I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.


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