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Armenian cuke seedling sprouted!

It’s been three years since I’ve been trying to sprout these Armenian cucumber seeds.  Just today I was surprised by seeing one of the seedlings had sprouted.  Happy Day!  Wow.   I must not have a steady hand, since my photos are often blurred, but there it is- a sprouted Armenian cucumber seed.   I’l be babying this little sprout, so it’ll grow good.

Armenian seed sprout

Armenian seed sprout

This seed came from Bakers Creek Seeds, out of Missouri.   I have about 15 other Armenian seeds in seedling things, but they are from a previous cucumber, not Bakers Seeds, and they are not sprouting.  March 3rd I planted the seed that sprouted today (photo),  so it took 11 days.   These are stubborn seeds and others have told me that it takes longer than usual for Armenian cukes to sprout.

Down below is a K&H Pet warmer pad that I took out of the dog house to put under my seed tray.   Not much heat left in this as to when I first put it in the dog house, but I have the seed tray on top of it, maybe I’ll get another Armenian cucumber seed to sprout.



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