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Should supermarket spinach be eaten raw or cooked?


parsley, lacinato kale, and lettuce

Eating raw spinach is a new idea.  That’s what this articles says.   article on lettuce from the Modern Farmer   After reading this article explaining how salad greens get contaminated while harvesting them, made me glad I grow my own.  I do get produce from the store too. Would stir frying  spinach be ok?  I am going to cook my spinach from now on, even if it’s by stir-frying.   Photo above: parsley, kale and lettuce I am growing in my house. 

The hectic part of starting garden plants in the house is that by April the living room is full of big plants! It’s still worth it , even if you have a living room full of plants for April.  Too cold still for the green house.  I don’t have a heated greenhouse.

nasturtium week old seedling

nasturtium week old seedling




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  1. Lori Moore

    We always eat spinach for anything that calls for lettuce; since about 1997.

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    February 23, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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