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Sand in the hen house

sand in coop dec 2013

Here’s a photo after the first night of using sand for litter in the chicken coop.  I have 21 hens, but because we disrupted their dusk routine of entering the coop, not all of them when in.  About 6 went to another structure in the courtyard they  only lay eggs in, so normally there’d be some more droppings than what you see.

It’s that great website, the chicken –chick.com that influenced me so much.  all the info on sand in the coop from the chicken chick   It was time to clean out the coop, so I decided on sand after I read this page on her blog.  The two quarry’s  near by said they didn’t have commercial grade sand.  I figured out that Home Depot’s tube sand in 60 l.b bags is commercial grade sand (I hope I got that right!).  It is 4.67 a bag.  Please let me know if I got the wrong sand, someone.  I think it is the correct one.

I put a bag in another coop in the courtyard so they can have their sand baths.  It’s enclosed and I don’t know if they are using it, but I hope to open the door one of these times and see them in there.

One of the hens took a sand bath in some oats that were in a plastic container that tipped over.  The little dickens…



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