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Christmas lights in henhouse

lights in coop nov 2013
They don’t show up much in the photo, but when you open the door to the henhouse, it’s bright and cheery.   Was hoping this light would help them keep laying eggs, but I don’t know if it is enough light.  Egg production is down now that it’s November.  I have had these rope lights on the shelf for a two years after getting them for just a few dollars at Wal-Mart after Christmas one year.  Here’s some pictures of the hens as they got up on their roost tonight:

hens at night  nov 2013

oct 31 2013 good low roost photo

They’ll be warm this winter.  Finally insulated the house with their egg money I saved.  I put the roosts lower, only 3 feet since I saw the lady on U tube say that big hens can’t jump down as well.  I thought to myself, Austrolopes are a heavier bird, so why make them suffer?  Now they don’t have to jump down as far.

oct 31 2013 rooster hens in coop nice shot

Here comes the big guy… he has decided to sleep in the dog carrier (where the hens lay eggs), so the hens can all fit on the roosts,  What a thoughtful rooster… our maybe he just wants the warmest spot!

roosters bed nov 2013 002


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