a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

another licorice attempt


This little cup full of licorice caramels will go by my computer  for when I am doing homework for this quarter’s classes.

licorice carmels for my co mputer nov 2013


licorice carmel w nuts close up nov 2013

I used a different recipe this time Here’s the recipe I used  It was a great recipe, better than the last one, but  my caramels could have been a tad firmer.  The sauce pan I used was burning on the bottom as the candy thermometer was trying to reach the  245 degree mark, so I had to take it off the stove to soon.

I should have just transferred it to another saucepan…didn’t think of it at the time.  Below- I added nuts to it.

licorice attempt  before cutting nov 2013

licorice  carmels wrapped in green bowl nov 2013

I added the licorice root  powder, anise, and black strap molasses to Emma’s recipe to make licorice caramels, instead of plain caramels.


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