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another hen ladder

oct 31 2013 001

I built a new ladder because the one on the left wasn’t as good.   The one on the left has little duck tape pieces on the steps.  See it?  I put the screw in the other side, so the pointy end of the screw poked through a little, so I duck taped them.   They must be molting, see the hen feathers on the old ladder?

What if their little palm stepped on the point of the screw?   I couldn’t take the chance of that happening, so I built the new one.   $4.00 for the board in the scrap pile at Home Depot, almost $8.oo for the recycled tire piece that comes in a square in the garden part of Home Depot.  I cut through it with a saw and a cardboard box cutter.  Here’s a close up photo below:

oct 31 2013 close up of new ladder.

I screwed in the rubber piece and hope it’s good for the hens feet.  Will they slip in the winter?  We’ll see.  I haven’t seen anyone online  using these recycled rubber for hen ladders yet.

Below: another view so you can see how I propped up the ladder with a pink brick (hen is in the way).  They are going in for the night.

oct 31 2013 goin in coop at dusk

oct 31 2013 002


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