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licorice carmel october 2013

I have been obsessed with licorice lately.  I have a piece of licorice caramel after a healthy meal.  Can’t wait to make it again because I’ll use a different recipe.  This one I used had way too much butter in it, and 236 degrees on the candy thermometer didn’t get it hard enough.  where I got the recipe  I skipped the black food coloring it called for, and I added licorice root powder that you see in photo below.  I put in Black molasses- did the recipe call for it? Can’t remember.

licorice ingredients october 2013

See the frontier licorice root with the DSL in it?  DSG?  Whatever it is.   Licorice root is like a branch; it’s ground up in the bag.  I put some in the vita mix to make it into a powder, then I added it to the bubbly brew caramel.  See the small spice bottle on the left above?  I put in some fennel seed with the licorice root when I pulverized it.  Fennel taste like licorice.

Had a problem:

licorice broken cup october 2013

Here’s what happened, I transferred some of the caramel to another pan and used a small custard cup that broke in two because  the caramel was 236 degrees!  What was I thinking?  Ha ha on me.  That whole pan went in the trash.

After I finish the few caramels left (wrapped in wax paper),  I’ll make another batch and find a different recipe that doesn’t overload on the butter.   I’m just crazy about real licorice.


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