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QC supply Hanging Tube Poultry Waterer

great close up QC chicken nipple waterer aug 5 2013

As you’ve read previously (maybe you did, ) I  made a Coleman small cooler into a chicken nipple water, but  since then, I put up a QC  hanging tube poultry waterer.  where you buy it online

I  was drawn to the ease of being able to move it into the henhouse for winter.  Below are some more photos of it, then I’ll explain what I think of it.

QC chicken nipple waterer 008

Here’s a good view of it (above).  I just hang it on the fence to the height of the hens and they get their water.  It is a gravity system, so the big blue igloo holds the water and it has to be higher than the tubing.  The white nylon slip is wrapped around the tubing from the igloo to the poultry hanger because it gets so hot on these August afternoons; thought it’d keep the water cooler.

Here’s another view (below).  I still keep buckets of water out in the hot afternoon.  What I’ve noticed was that  the hens drink readily from the hanger in the early morning and in the evening after the sun’s heat  diminishes.   Middle of the hot afternoon they go to the buckets for water.

igloo and waterer QC chicken nipple waterer aug 5 2013

Had a problem…

The igloo was about a  half of inch thick when I put the 1/2 inch bit through it.  The 1/4 inch  adapter that you can’t forget to order when you order the hanger, is  not long enough for this thick igloo cooler; it was meant for a regular 5 gallon bucket which isn’t thick at all.   Down to Ace hardware I had to go for this steel thing to put on it and in the igloo on the other end of the adapter is a copper adapter.  Had to have that since the igloo was thicker.

adaptor QC chicken nipple waterer 012

I still have to call up QC supply and ask what the hanging thing is that they show in the few minute video on that link page I have above.  It didn’t come with my set up.

Below is the chain on either side .   30.00 for this plus the adapter plus tax and shipping.  To buy the nipples separately  (6 of them) would be 12.00.  Then I need the glue and piping and chains…

chain QC chicken nipple waterer 011

It makes my life easier, so I spent the egg money on it and I am glad I did.  If I  don’t get the buckets of water out for some reason… they at least have this water.

QC chicken nipple waterer 013


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