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Ruth Fielding at College/In the Saddle

Ruth and her friends are on the freshman  rowing team at Ardmore college; somewhere around the outskirts of New York  next to beautiful wooded acres.  These two photos are around that time period of 1917 when the book was written.

This is the 11th one in the series.  Of course there’s a mystery- stolen answer keys to test papers… but the next book was even better.

Ruth Fielding in the Saddle

1st year of college is over with, now on to the summer!   Off to Arizona where Ruth and Company will spend the summer on an abandoned gold mine for a picture shoot for Hollywood although the word “Hollywood” is not mentioned.

Below is a real ghost town.   The mining ghost town of Goldfield, Arizona.  It lays to the NE of Phoenix and in the 1890’s while Phoenix had a population of around 1700, Goldfield was home to 5000+ miners.

Below- Here is a different mining ghost town in Arizona.


Min and her Dad found a little gold too which gave Min the opportunity  to buy some dresses since she was always dressed like a boy on account of all the hard work she had to do in Arizona.  She also gets the guy; at least they are having Sunday dinners together for starters.

I love Ruth Fielding books, especially when  life is overwhelming   with situations that I don’t have control over and when  everything disappointing happens all at once.  Sometimes  a Ruth Fielding book  is just the happy thing I need.  This particular one was a good one.


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