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The Vanishing Shadow

This is the first Judy Bolton book I have ever read and it is the first one of the series which is written by Margret Sutton who I haven’t looked up yet, but I notice her style of writing and I like it.    Judy is a different character in personality than Ruth Fielding; the series that started 15 years prior to Judy Bolton and she is different from Cherry Aimes and Nancy Drew who are two other main characters in girl mystery series.

Judy solves a mystery that affects the whole town.  She’s 15 yrs. old and her Dad is the local family physician.  The time period is 1932 (publishing date) in the middle of the depression although in this book  the depression era is not talked about. 

In the book it is obvious that a physician in 1932 did not make a huge salary as doctors do today; some clues are as follows: Grandma was given  money for Judy and her brother for the summer, but it was only enough to buy Horace a suit for his job as a reporter for the small local paper.  At the end of the book the family has to move  and they are wondering if they can make it…

I don’t have access to  more of her books, but I will check out the library. .  This series  sounds adventurous.


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