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chicken nipple waterier roped up 001

This seems to  hold the chicken nipple waterier.  I used  the poly rope to wind it and tie knots to the lowest roost and it is holding.  This thing of 50 ft.  poly cord can hold up to 70 pounds and  when the chicks grow I can unwind and unknot it and hang it on a higher roost. 

below- This is what the poly rope looked like that I bought at Wal-Mart for 6.00.

chicken nipple waterier roped up 002

Here they are after I hung it, but I got to tell you that for 2 days  before I got the poly rope, I tried the electric heater waterier. (photo below)   It kept the water from freezing and I put it on a 4 inch cement block for the right height for the chicks, but there were still some droppings in the water… ick.

When I first set it up and  turned it over with the white part filled with water to sit on the red part, about 2 quarts spilled all over the floor of spine shavings in the coop… messy messy messy!!


So glad I found a way to hang the chicken nipple waterier with red poly rope!  I stored the electric waterier (like one in photo) in the garage now that I have the nipple waterier hung properly.  The chicks are happier too.  They just about attacked the nipple waterier as I was setting it up, so I think they like it better than the regular waterier that  I had for them these last 2 days.


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