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More on the chicks

Take a look at these pics that I took today after I got the chicks situated in the chicken coop; I did enjoy them being in the house, but they needed more room… on to the coop for them.

chicks 3 weeks old 001

(above) Here’s a close up of the chicken nipple waterier.  I put the 3 week old chicks in the henhouse with the 250 red heat lamp over them.  That’s the bottom of the Coleman cooler where the nipples are.

(below)- another good shot of the chicks at the nipple waterier.  It’s right as you come out of the blue box; you can see the boxes pushed up to one another.

chicks 3 weeks old 005

(below)- see how I have the boxes close together? There’s a doorway cut so they can go to the heat lamp box (blue box)  or they can go in the tan box where the water is.

chicks 3 weeks old 008

Below photo-Chicks using the doorway.  I might cut it open more… the next photo is the same door opening,  note the white cooler hanging down that has the chicken nipples on the bottom.

chicks 3 weeks old 002

chicks 3 weeks old 006

It  was a job getting getting the dishwasher box full of chicks out of the back door and into the narrow henhouse door.  Whew! Glad that’s all done, but I have to go check on them to make sure the heat lamp is at the right level- not to low and not to high. 


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