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1 week old chicks/chicken nipple waterier

This is so much more cleaner.  The chicks constantly get the pine shavings and their droppings in the old waterier and I had to dump out the icky water from the tray about 7 times a day!

chicken nipple waterer close up 001

Finally I got the 11/32 drill bit borrowed so I can make my chicken nipple waterier.  I hung it with strong cord/string and tied it to the stick which lays across the big box.  It’s ok, but it swings a little back and forth as the chicks use it.

I have to wait till tomorrow to put the other two Gatorade bottles there because I need a few more rubber grommets from the hardware store.  I bought the push in kind of nipples;  not the ones with threads.

chicken nipple waterer 002 

It has been a week now for the Austrolope chicks; notice the feathers on their  wings developing.     By 4 or  5 weeks they should have all their feathers which keeps them warm outside, but for now they’re still in the house in their big box.

1 week old austrolope chicks nov 24 2012

1 week old austrolope chicks feather develop


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