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Baby chicks new flock

Got my box at the appliance store downtown.  I just opened the access flap to show you inside; usually it’s closed.Went down to the post office at 7 am to get them. Anyone want some 3 yr old hens to butcher for dinner? I have to get rid of them in the next few weeks; have 6 .

chicks nov 16, 2012 006

Where I got the idea for hanging the heat lamp  

This is what the  austrolope hen will look like full grown. They lay a tan egg like Orpington Buffs .  I needed a  heavier breed so they won’t fly over the fence like forgers do.

chicks nov 16, 2012 005I have some chicken nipples that I’ll set up soon and will show you those.     There are a couple of cats outside listening to the chirps… they better not sneak in when we go in and out of the house.


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