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The Circular Staircase


on this link link about the  author and her books it says the big house in this book  is generally believed to be the Singer mansion (below photo) in Wilkinsburg PA.


First book I read of this authors writings and it is the first book she wrote- 1908.  Rachel Innes  rents a country house for the summer and finds herself in the middle of a mystery with bits and pieces of  unexpected  unexplained happenings that can frustrate the reader after the first half of the book because nothing gets solved at that point, but you just take a break and then keep reading…

Mary Roberts Rhinehart is the authorimage

  a link to her books  below is an earlier photo of Mary Roberts Rhinehart 

This wasn’t spectacular or very memorable, yet I enjoyed reading it at the time.  I couldn’t figure it out as I kept reading.  What would I rate it?  On a 1- 10  (1 is tops…10 is bad) I’d say it is average/5.


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