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The Doctor: A tale of the Rockies

The author is Ralph Connor (Charles William Gordon) and it was published in 1906.  This was a free kindle book.


Barney helps the local doctor and eventually GOES TO medical sCHOOL.   Dick is his younger brother who looks up to Barney immensely.   There is a love triangle…. another frustrated love book, but I still enjoyed reading  this free kindle book.

No swearing, no promiscuity. I liked this book, but it wasn’t sensational. That’s how a lot of good books are; good books and glad you read them, but not sensational. I have to read about the author because you get such an insight into what you read since some of the book is the authors own experience. The description of the railroad work camp was probably true to a T. The doctor wanted to change things there, mainly sanitation since diphtheria was in the camp and he even set up a clubhouse/library to stop them from going to the saloon. 

Mexico (a man’s name) understands true salvation and becomes a Christian trusting Jesus as his Saviour thanks to Barney.  1906 is the time of story- don’t miss this book; worth the read. 


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