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The Blue Castle

Ever wondered what else the author of Anne of Green Gables wrote?  Here’s  another one she wrote; The Blue Castle.   I didn’t like the book at first because of her communication gap between her and her household… didn’t seem positive, but I kept reading and  glad I did although it is kind of strange book… but great surprise toward the end of the mystery of her husband….

When Valancy cuts her hair to a 1920’s bob I can just picture it! The book was written in 1929 when this type of hair style was the big look.   How cute she must have looked since every woman has a “just right” hairstyle that is perfect for her head and face.  Val is the main character who has a Blue Castle  to live in her daydreams. 

Where she ends up living is comparable to her imaginary Blue Castle, thus the name of the book.  Dreams do come true in this book- a happy marriage.   Lucy Maud Montgomery is the author from Prince Edwards Island, but  lived in Halstin Hills Ontario while writing this book that came out in 1926; she was 52 yrs old and had 3 sons and a husband.


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