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Backboard makeover

backboard  in bedroom great

I’ve been wanting to fill the wall above the bed  backboard for a long time…just couldn’t pull an idea together until I recently received these beautiful watercolors in the mail.   A big thank you to my sister for sending me the brochure/booklet of BritishWatercolors from Madison Wisconsin’s exhibit The Golden Age of British Watercolors.  1790-1910.  

The  grapevines  came from  out back along the fence line .   The little white thing on the upper part of the branch is a  plastic cable staple that  holds up the branch on the wall marvelously.  

The painting of the little girl  is by a woman artist about this watercolor   Lovely!  She’s holding some plums by her hands, but on the wall the grape leaves are in the way; on the link you’ll see the picture with  her hands visible.   The Still life of plums on a mossy bank  looks so lifelike! info on this on this page.    Hope you like my bedroom backboard wall that was made possible by  a big  vanilla envelope arriving in the mail.


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