a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies





K by Mary Roberts Rhinehart.  K is the mystery man’s name.  The author wrote it when she was 39 yrs. old in 1915.

Another one of those  books in the classification of frustrated love.  This person loves that person but  it isn’t mutual while  another one  loves the 2nd one and gets refused then at the same time  that older nurse likes Dr. Max and he isn’t committed to her and it goes on and on.  K is a good guy and his identity gets revealed in the book.  If a book has a man with good character in it, then it is worth reading.


I still like these kind of books even though no one gets the one he or she wants!  The  neighborhoods and families and hospitals described contributed to make it a good read.   This book got read in my tent in the backyard this summer.

The author had breast cancer. I feel sorry for anyone back in the 1940’s having to have a mastectomy compared to better methods of today’s surgical procedures.  (there she is below:  I’d recommend this book.


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