a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

Why I am glad to be a Christian

I’m glad to be a Christian  because I can pillow my head at night knowing  that Jesus Christ has paid the sin penalty for me, which makes me able to go to heaven when I die.   I see my big need for a Saviour and Jesus Christ  is it.

The Holy Spirit lives in me, and because of that- I’m glad to be a Christian.   We were left with the King James bible, which enlightens us and shows us all about our great wonderful Saviour.  The old testament  shows us how God  dealt with the Jewish people.  The gospels tells us  what Jesus did while on this earth, and Paul’s books gives us hope and a lot of promises.  The books after Paul are in the tribulation time period.  I’m glad and thankful that I am a Christian and have the King James bible.

I’m glad and relieved  to be a Christian living with the books Paul wrote since those specific books show us how to live to please God.  There is a lot of instruction  to be put to use  in those books.  Thank God for all He’s done for us. I’m glad to be a Christian  heading for eternity in heaven.  Below- photo of Australarp hens when they were pullets.



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