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Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School

This particular plot was so-so, but I’m glad I read it because I like to read a series in chronological order.  It was a simple plot  consisting of Dorothy going away to school and a girl being jealous of her; yet the beginning is good- the picnic, getting lost … , the tramp wanting a ride into town. I’m sure there are others in the series that are  more interesting to read.

Is this the Automobile  silk vale that Octavia (Tavia)  is showing Dorothy?  She obtained it from her deceased grandmothers trunk. site where hat is

Automobile Cap 1921

Automobile Cap
Price: $1.29
Description Unusual value and splendid quality in this smart automobile cap, cut very full and made of a good quality tussah silk. Veil loops at side. Dainty shirring and tucks. Elastic in headband insures comfortable fit and holds hair securely. Choose from sand color or navy blue.

This dress below looks like on Tavia wore to the lawn party – a challie.  Challie material  is made of cotton or wool and has a print on it.



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