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Garden progress

These are some neat before and after photos of my garden; May photos and August ones.  First one below is the May photo of a row of orange tomatoes- Giraffe and Nebraska wedding which are both bush ones.  I had just planted these 6 plants when I took the pic where the pots are lined up.

memorial day  giraffe and neb wed tomatoes after 2012

Now 3 months later (yesterday) I took this photo of the same area/below:

garden of beans 008

Here’s another before/after photo of a row of tomatoes.(BELOW)  First one taken in May when I planted them- about 8 of them along this row that I dug . Next photo was taken yesterday.  Not as many tomatoes as last year and they are much later.

memorial day tomatoes 2012 003

garden of beans 007


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