a convergence of tea time thoughts for ladies

More rice rolls

I’ve been making them again on day 2 for lunch, this time with some variety.   The one with the lemon end on it is a curried chicken rice roll using  the first head of cabbage from my garden; the outer leaves only is what you see since they were tender and  fresh enough .

rice rolls day 2 008

This one below is a taco stew meat and bean rice roll and I’m still using a lot of the cabbage leaves cut up in the rice roll.  The cabbage was cut the long way/olive oil n vinegar  plus  salt added .

rice rolls day 2 004

I Found a way to not get the rice roll paper so sticky which is to barely heat the water to warm that you dip it in. Look below for how I assembled the chicken one: started with curried cooked chicken, then squeezed some lemon on it.

rice rolls day 2 005

Below- next I put the sliced up cabbage leaves, then the thai noodle, garlic slices, pickled thin ginger, and bits of cayenne pepper (I better wash my hands to get the hotness off my fingers!).

rice rolls day 2 006

rice rolls day 2 007

I didn’t even know these little rice papers even existed until my kind sister sent me some.   Trying something new like this reminds me of someone who recently made something exotic- chicken and rice in grape leaves.


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