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Rice rolls

Look what my sister sent me today in the mail.  I opened the box and unwrapped each item from the newspaper and tried to figure out what to do with it all…

rice rolls 001

She sent a link in an email which took me to U tube where they were making the rice rolls.  I watched a couple of them on U tube and got to work. 

This next photo is the rice paper (already dipped in water) with these ingredients assembled in this order:

1-first was the pureed pinto beans that I just happen to have made before the box arrived,

2-then the sata seasoning,

3-peeled carrot strips,

4- sliced green onion 

5-thin ginger strips from the jar she sent in the first pic. 

rice roll assembly 1

Photo below: I continued assembling-

with the vermeil noodles,

soy sauce,

sesame oil

lettuce from my garden.

  See the translucent round rice paper that the ingredients are laying on?  Under the translucent rice paper  is a damp washcloth just like they said to do  on U tube.  One more photo after this…keep scrolling down.

rice roll assembly 2

Below- Here’s the finished rice roll with dipping sauce!   These rice papers are durable for being so thin, but when you dip them in a pan of water, it is tricky not to let it roll up like saran wrap.  The consistency is similar to a thin  see through latex glove.  Don’t I have a dear sister to send me all of this?

rice roll on plate



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