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Dorothy Dale

Dorothy Dale is the oldest of her family in the time period of the early 1900’s with a widower Civil War Veteran for a father who runs the local newspaper.   So far nothing is mentioned as to what  Dorothy’s mom died of.    Move over  Samantha of the American Girl series- Dorothy came first.

 I just discovered 6 or so free number of books on my kindle.  Dorothy is  a likable blonde haired girl, but who wrote these books? Margaret Penrose, the author is a  house pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. 

He retained his position with the Newark and at night earned $100 a book, which usually took him about two weeks to produce. His wife Lilian eventually joined the Syndicate ghostwriting team as "Margaret Penrose" penning the very popular Motor Girls series.

The above quote is from this site  the real Margaret Penrose    This is getting interesting; Mr. day  newspaper reporter  writes books at night and then his wife ( Lilian McNamara) gets her typewriter out and churns out  her books- Dorothy Dale  and the Motor Girl Series. I recommend these books- hurray I have 5 more to read on my kindle.  Photo below is Lilan Garis  about  1930 or so. 

More on Lilan the author- the real author


chronological list of Dorothy Dale books


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