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Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies

That old motor car of Tom’s and Helen’s  really stalled this time.   Tom has to go on foot to 7 corners which is  the nearest small town  while Ruth and Helen  stay in the car by the road to wait for him to return… but while waiting they  fall to the fate of the Gypsies passing by. 

This book is the only one so far where there is awful danger, but Ruth Fielding and her good twin friends Tom and Helen  always get out of their mess, although Ruth does get slapped hard by the old hag evil gypsy woman.

 It’s been done before, but so what… I think I read this plot in a Nancy Drew book too- getting kidnapped by the gypsies and dressed to look like  one of them so the authorities wouldn’t find them when they came to the gypsy camp to search.


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